Fake News Oracle Update

I propose to update the following parameters of the Fake News Oracle list:

  1. Source Archive allowed files:
    This field allows submitters to include a file to make their case. Unfortunately there is a bug in the allowed files list, which is comma separated instead of space separated. This should be fixed by removing the commas.
  2. Update the evidence display URI to the latest version at /ipfs/QmUbBGRTCH3zxTFSNJ1asUFtpwvyXasrzhzLxYVMoEW8Nc/index.html. The reason for this is that this evidence display supports the new link field type, which is discussed in the next point.
  3. Update the Source field to use the new link file type, instead of text. This will slightly improve UX as users can just click the link instead of having to copy-paste it.
  4. Finally, remove the redundant evidenceDisplayInterfaceURIHash value from the meta evidence. Since ipfs (which does hash-based content addressing) is used to store the display, this field is redundant and not used, so it should be removed to avoid errors.
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There is a newer evidence display at: /ipfs/QmVN37pbHrhqq83rkZkKeoJaL3bEeZLVu2h7whFFLRVKW1/index.html. It should replace the one on #2 of this proposal.