Jurors for jump Parameters Updates Proposal


Update/change the jurors for jump parameter in each of the following courts: marketing services, english language, video production, and technical (blockchain -> technical).

Marketing Services

Proposed jurors for jump parameter : 15

English Language

Proposed jurors for jump parameter : 3

Video Production

Proposed jurors for jump parameter : 3


(Blockchain-> Technical)

Proposed jurors for jump parameter : 63


Jurors for jump determines the point at which an appealed case goes to a parent court, see: Explaination of "Jump" and "Alpha" parameters Currently all of these subcourts are set to have jurors for jump at 255. The proposed values were made based on current amounts staked in each court, based roughly on the principle that if an appeal within a subcourt is unlikely to draw in new unique staker addresses compared to the previous round, there is little value to having that appeal in the subcourt and one should jump to the parent court. Note particularly that this proposal has English Language and Video Production jumping to the parent court (the general court) upon the first appeal due to the relatively small amounts staked in these courts so far. As the number of disputes and jurors in these subcourts grows, the jurors for jump can be further updated.

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The proposal has been put to vote.

The proposal has been executed.