Storytelling bounty - distribution of the rewards - Kleros meta-dogfooding

Storytelling bounty:

See this Twitter thread:

Got some initial feedback:

I was able to present the gist of the idea in two tweets, 2x 280 characters, many thanks to @William :slight_smile:

Here it is once again, no longer limited by the form-factor of Twitter, edited for the purpose of the forum.

Overarching principle:

  • Kleros team minimal work
  • dogfooding
  • more cases
  • community engagement

Rewards will be distributed by a committee of at least two members of the Kleros cooperative, who will reward impact points to contributions. PNK will be divided among participants in proportion to their impact points. In case a participant disagrees with his share of the reward, Kleros Escrow will be used to settle the dispute.

We can do better!

Release raw data (links to submissions) while preserving privacy (removing email addresses)

Three categories:
:one:Great. Outstanding. Excellent.
:two:Decent. Good. OK.
:three:Low quality. Spam. Duplicate.

  • 80 / 20 rule.
  • 80% of the 1m goes to 20% great.
  • 20% goes to 80% decent.
  • Low quality gets 1PNK each or null.

This is to incentivize quality work. Christiano Ronaldo earns €31m. Average football player (like me) doesn’t receive any compensation. 80 / 20 is a natural rule occurring in the all aspects of life, the universe and everything.

To incentivise sugmissions another 1m bounty.

I’d do 3x or 4x or 5x for successful removals:

  • 1 point for adding stuff to the list
  • 3 or 4 or 5 points for removing stuff from the list

Previously there were no incentives for removal: Bounty discussion - rewards for removing tokens?

By putting extra incentive for removal we will generate way more cases.

More specific judging criteria

:one:Great. Outstanding. Excellent.

  • Significant effort.
  • Genuine LOL factor.
  • A really well done indeed.
  • So cool you retweet and share on your wall.
  • People on Telegram congratulating you for doing a great job.


EDIT: added fantastic video animation above.

:two:Decent. Good. OK.

  • Kind of OK.
  • Kind of nice.
  • Yeah, acceptable.
  • Doesn’t fit into the :one:category.
  • 5 minutes of work meme-generator


:three:Low quality. Spam. Duplicate.

  • Spam.
  • Low quality.
  • Duplicate of previous submissions.
  • MEH.
  • Makes you think “WTF is this” in a wrong way.


Q: What is a submission it not submitted to any of the lists?
A: Unlikely. 1m PNK is big enough incentive for all the trolls on the internet to keep submitting and removing.

Q: If a submission is already in :one: can it be submitted to :two:?
A: Ask jurors LOL :sunglasses:

Actual implementation

Half of the rewards will be distributed on 20/01/2020 for contributions made during the period between 10/12/2019 and 10/01/2020.

The second half of the rewards will be distributed on 20/02/2020 for contributions made during the period between 11/01/2019 and 11/02/2020.

So basically :one::two::three: for first part and second part, 6 curated registries.

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Would love this kind of stuff to be experimented for future bounties :slightly_smiling_face:

This looks like a smart idea to me :+1:.

Applying the Pareto Principle for the loyalty rewards makes sense but maybe the percentage has to be adjusted:
How many tokens should the third quality submissions category be rewarded with? 0? a fixed number to encourage the process?

Copy-paste from a private message, I suggested not waiting for future bounties but doing it now:

Do yo want Kleros guys to build Kleros?

Or do you want them to analyse submissions?

It’s OK to say “we’ve been overwhelmed by submissions and decided to create another 1m bounty”

Pretty sure everyone will say yes

Changing the rules - removing Google Form and telling guys to message Damjan is big fat changing rules already :slightly_smiling_face:

Whoever submitted stuff hoping to receive bounty will surely welcome another bounty and loads of new cases…

Or even less.

Mark the address in the Kleros curated spam registry forever.

And let the guys who don’t want to be there, will have an extra incentive to fight for removal (on top of already proposed 3-4-5x multiplier)


Ok for the category 3 minimum reward (missed that part when reading).

However, for this to be implemented, it would require GTCR to be released and that’s not the case (I am testing it a bit at the moment).


Link above + blog post = I thought it is released already.

Maybe we can check with @mtsalenc what is the current status?

If it is close-enough, maybe the need for bounty rewards will motivate him to wrap it up quickly?

(before the Paris team meeting)

Aye, worth asking.

They are in testing phase, overall the product is working and is neat, but it needs some tweaking around the user experience (well, that’s my opinion since i have been testing it a bit).

It would be great if more people decided to test a bit :).


I genuinely believe that this is quality original work:

  • Some research
  • Opportunistic sourcing materials (parking sign)
  • Making the thing
  • Documenting steps
  • Photo session, skyscrapers backdrop
  • Animated GIFs
  • Blogpost

As always - full of gratitude :zap::zap::zap:

I got some PNK here or there, no complaints.

Two Polish phrases that relate to the supplementary income:ęby_się_nie_zagląda

darowanemu koniowi w zęby się nie zaglądaęki,+która+cię+karmi

nie gryzie się ręki, która cię karmi

I knew I did quality work and I put it as a reference point.

I was thinking about following scenario:

  • Me having an excellent submission, participating in the 80% share
  • Me challenging other good submissions to be removed from the excellent list to earn more

With so many submissions and extra points for successful removals, I was thinking that doubling the number of cases would be possible. This is so fundamental to the healthy ecosystem:

  • more cases
  • jurors staking token
  • jurors earning money
  • solid crypto economy

One cannot exist without another. See also - Decentralized job application - PNK token holders to decide - the thing is still up in the air. Ideally, I’d like to skip the next bounty and continuously focus on more meaningful tasks. Taking ownership of the escrow. Why escrow? In the first run after a long time reported 7 issues, 20+ issues in total.

Crypto is:

  • fast (a few blocks confirmation time)
  • cheap (a few cents transaction fees)
  • borderless, global
  • censorship-resistant

The crypto escrow is so superior to the existing methods, it is a big enough incentive to switch and onboard next million users to crypto :zap::zap::zap:

That is so meta meta!

High impact criteria:

Has a significant audience on the platform it is posted.
Accept: An article has been read by at least 500 times.

We have 500+ views and on top of that:

Led to the creation of dapps relying on Kleros or the integration of dapps to
Accept: The submitter identifies a dapp which would benefit from using Kleros, writes
a short post explaining the potential integration leading to the dapp team integrating
with Kleros. Reject: The dapp team only says they would consider using Kleros.

Here you go:

I’m pretty sure that most jurors will agree - the current design of the list creates loads of cases which is great for the entire ecosystem :sunglasses:

Submission itself:

Thank you!

Need to analyse what is the UK tax regime on that.

Is me submitting the transaction classified as “work”?

The actual “work” happened in the previous tax year, when I was still employed full time by the employer.

Now we have a new tax year, no longer employed, work done previously, submitting transaction is “some work” (clicking CONFIRM) but interesting legal-taxation-crypto casus :+1: