Why does Kleros constrain itself only to low-value disputes?

Why does Kleros constrain itself only to low-value disputes with non-existent amount of legal issues? Is this simply a matter of practicality for early adoption? Why can’t Kelros theoretically solve disputes of any kind (high value, criminal)? Complex cases with complicated legal principles theoretically can be broken down to a set of binary questions. At this point, if we assume that Kleros’s procedure is just then why can’t the same procedure apply to any type of case?

Kleros could (and has) been used in higher value disputes however, our main aim isn’t to completely revolutionise every facet of justice (heinous crimes etc) but rather, go after the most inefficient market places and low hanging fruits.

Small claims are generally never taken further by users who feel wronged, if your claim is for $100 with someone half way around the world, it’s too much hassle for the amount involved meaning, hundreds of millions of disputes going unclaimed.

Kleros can function in much higher value cases also but we think growing from the low hanging fruits in the largest markets (e-commerce / social media moderation / etc) are the most valuable at the moment.