About Kleros Improvement Proposals (KIP) awareness

So, I just realized that I missed KIP-23 proposal on the forum, thus preventing me to potentially discuss it before it is submitted to vote.
KIP are essential items of governance and one would like not to miss any.

I suppose I am not the only one in this case and I think it would be an improvement if we could increase community awareness of proposals that are posted.
Moreover, this could also bring more global activity in the forum.

In the same way, once a proposal goes to vote, it should also be announced.

What could be done for this?
Basically, I tend to think it resolves around using community tools to announce new proposals systematically (and not only “big” ones) like:

  • Twitter (using main Kleros account or using a dedicated one?)
  • Telegram (using main channel or create one dedicated to announcements?)
  • Some other tool?
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You can get set up email notifications in the Aragon app. But good point, we’ll add the next ones to Twitter and telegram.