Add Required Skills to Subcourt JSON

In order to support the new upcoming Kleros Court interface we need to restructure the Subcourt policy JSON.

The current JSON is in the following format:

    "name": <string>,
    "description": <string>
    "summary": <string>

The new proposed JSON format will be:

    "name": <string>,
    "description": <string>,
    "summary": <string>,
    "requiredSkills": <string>

Currently the required skills a part of the description text block. In this new format they will be pulled out and put into its own key requiredSkills. This makes the JSON more organized.

Each of the existing subcourt policies that have required skills will have to be replaced by the governor to support this new format. There will be no changes to the content of the policies besides moving the Required Skills from the description into requiredSkills.

The subcourts that specify required skills and will need to be updated:

  • Marketing Services
  • English Language
  • Video Production
  • Blockchain -> Non-Technical
  • Blockchain -> Technical
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The proposal has been executed.