Automatically add reward PNK to staked PNK

Hello all, this is my first time here in the forum, but super excited to contribute to the community!

Problem statement: with current ETH L1 fees it costs around $20 on average to claim the PNK tokens generated from the juror incentive program. Dues to this fact, it is not worth it to claim them until a large sum of reward PNK tokens has been generated, losing the ability of putting those tokens to work as stake in the mean time.

Proposal: automatically add the reward PNK tokens to the same courts that generated such rewards. If someone wants to take them out they will just need to unstake them, but I think that for the majority of jurors, they would prefer to add the reward PNK to their already staked PNK so that their odds of getting drafted increase.

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Unfortunately this is currently impossible with the current design.
It’s only possible to stake tokens that are currently in your wallet balance.

The unclaimed airdrop tokens remain in the airdrop contract balance, so staking them would mean that the airdrop contract itself could be drawn as a juror, which is not what we want.