Badge Discussion: "Stablecoin"

I would love it if we could have a basket of stablecoins, similar to the proposed index fund.

As for conditions of the badge, does the token need to have a peg? Most stablecoins try to achieve a price target based on stable assets like gold and fiat currencies, while something like Saga (asset backed stablecoins) aims to slowly de-peg once their tokens gain adoption. Limiting the scope to pegged stablecoins though makes defining the conditions simpler:

  • The token must have a price target (USD, gold, etc).

  • The token must have a defined mechanism to maintain the peg.

  • The token price must faithfully follow it’s price target within T period of time prior to badge submission. (volatility limit? perhaps use moving average?)

Perhaps there should be an additional policy for removal? Broken stablecoins should be detected & removed ASAP


Tokens with this badge would be put on top of the list for payments.

I put this doc for describing the rules:

Which logo would you prefer for the stablecoin badge?

Pretty! I like 3A the most. The contrast to show demand and supply is very cool though, I prefer 3C if we go that way.

Last chance to put comments on the doc before we finalize the badge: .

Well!! Thanks… Are you aware of this best stablecoin that offers the best returns on investment, that stablecoin are Tether, MakerDAO, TrueUSD, Carbon, Kowala.

The badge is live, you can add those through and get a part of the 2 000 000 PNK given to people listing tokens.

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