Bounties for building Kleros arbitrated dapps

Been eyeing this repo with dapp ideas for a while. I’m unsure on how much PNK or ETH Kleros currently holds in its treasure.
Given that not long ago there were rewards for making submissions with impact related to Kleros, it would make sense to also incentivize creation of dapps dependant on Kleros, to grant more use cases. Usable, interesting apps might be more important that publicity, and might attract users on their own. (You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?)

What I propose is to choose a few of those projects, assign a clear PNK or ETH reward per completion, and make a proper KIP and vote it.
Biggest problem with dapps is that, whereas they are reasonably fast to build, contracts are messy to debug and scan for exploits, so consider this added cost onto the reward.

In that list there are two projects in particular that catched my eye:

Promises. This is likely not difficult to develop, I was able to get an untested Solidity contract on the concept here. It’s abstract enough to allow for a huge amount of possibilities, e.g. Personal promises, betting, collateral to prevent scams. If the implementation is generic enough, it could give raise to more specialized use cases depending on this Promises dapp instead of having to reinvent the wheel.

Stake mail. This project not only is interesting in this niche, it is also a pending problem in dealing with mail spam that people outside of crypto will find valuable. Hashcash as a concept is fine in that it forces something to be spent in order to send the message, but having a stake means that there’s a way to repair damage possibly caused by spammers.
I don’t see an obvious course of action for building this one.


We are about to unveil a Kleros Incubation program to incentivize the development of these types of projects. The official Launch will probably be during the ETHCC Hackathon (24-25 July 2021).

It would go further than a simple bounty as we would also bring continuous support to the teams building those, additionally to a financial reward.