Building out Linguo's user and juror base

Hi all, first time posting here. I was wondering if the Kleros team had any active members trying to drive adoption of the Linguo site. Most of Linguo’s userbase seems to be Kleros themselves. I think there could be some easy pitches made to other protocols to use Linguo for translating their technical documents.

Hey there,

Yes, Linguo hasn’t quite received the love it deserves but we are actively developing xDAI and other future solutions to help mitigate gas issues. Right now gas isn’t so much of an issue when in the low gwei but at times of high gas Linguo was less feasible for many users and we’re hoping to put that right with the xDAI version.

There will be more marketing and throughput for translations (and possibly disputes) in the coming months.

In terms of other protocols using it, that’s exactly what we are hoping to target. There are also community based incentives should you have any ideas for integration yourself.

Thanks for the post and questions.

Hello! Thanks for the reply. Good to know that there are plans for Linguo in the near future. Also, what exactly do you mean by “ideas for integration”? Are you referring to platforms that could use Linguo as a translation tool?

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Also what are your thoughts on having Linguo turn into a more generalized p2p marketplace for writing. I think there could be some use cases in defi platforms that deal with specialized financial products. Just a thought…

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Many of our community members are active on other Dapps and we always welcome suggestions or ideas from them.

Generalized p2p marketplace

That’s an interesting thought. How would you see it working?

For example, as opposed to language translation, there would be generalized ‘topics’ like DeFi using the same incentive model?

Yes, exactly. What comes to mind are the array of different derivates platforms that are available. I’d imagine there would be a market for having writeups done to help explain both the higher-level ideas and lower-level mechanisms behind the product. In the Kleros courts themselves, you could simply add a subcourt: Finance → Defi → Derivatives , where disputes are sent.

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Another cool use case of this would be companies that provide staking pools over a variety of protocols. I figure they might find use in having protocol specific writeups on how the protocol works, how the currency is staked, etc. . Quick example would be . They could post different requests for general overview of NEAR and how to stake on NEAR. Could potentially flow back into the translation service if they want to broaden their customer base to different countries.

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Although this wasn’t the original plan (we were aiming for a translation platform first and foremost ) however, it’s certainly a very interesting idea to be brought up with the team.

Crowd sourced content creation in essence.

Another idea we would like to push further with Linguo was crypto projects translating their main content (websites / whitepaper) via this platform. It seems to have potential market fit allowing teams to have high level translation services for all their content at their price point.

I’d love to help brainstorm ideas for how it could be potentially implemented if you guys were looking for any help.

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Absolutely. Feel free to get me on Telegram or DM me on here and we can setup a group to discuss further.

Now with the xDAI version being live, we are seeking to increase usage. We’re gonna open a Linguo product manager position.
The idea would be to start within Kleros and potentially spin off the project when ready.
Linguo could also be expended beyond translation cases where the economic mechanic would also be relevant.

Curious to hear more on this Clément!