Case 532, need some help from Kleros Community

Dear Omen Community and Kleros Community,
I bought a lot of NO shares(20 ETH worth of No shares, and my friend bought 5 ETH), and I need your help. I know it is resolving into YES now, I will lose all my fund. Appreciated if you can help me!

Consider donate some PNK to build up some liquidity for my project, 100 PNK, 1000 PNK, whatever amount is welcomed. Although you can withdraw it anytime, but I hope you can stake for a long time so that I can bring more liquidity into our platform.

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Case 532, we have gathered solid constitutional evidence, my friend told me that it is a guaranteed victory, I trusted it, but now I might lose everything. Hope the generous community can help donate some PNK so that I can get through this. Thanks again

Miracles happen.

I lost so many times on "I AM SO SURE" Kleros cases.

There is no such thing as "free money" in the space, even in the moments when I was getting some PNK it was a hard-earned effort - I was paying a substantial cost time, effort, attention.

I hope you’ll recover :pray:

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Thank you all for your support, love, and understanding, Dear Mars. Hope for the best of Kleros Community. Pray. :sparkling_heart: :pray: