Cool stuff which needs Kleros from ETHBerlinZwei hackathon

I was at ETHBerlin and here this the list of projects I saw which could use Kleros:

  • Transit Mutual
    – Transit is a mutual, cooperatively owned Pension Plan on the blockchain.
    – Need to verify people are alive to avoid paying pension to dead people (or their heir which could keep the key).
  • Chainlink \u2661 Augur
    – We broke Chainlink and then fixed it by building a secondary dispute layer on top of Chainlink to utilize Augur’s resolution mechanics, thus securing Chainlink via Augur.
    – Do the same, but use with Kleros as arbitrator instead (no need of creating Augur markets).
  • Re\u1F4A9tation
    – Repootation (repootation) is a react component that can be embedded anywhere on the Internet and stores reactions and ratings of content in a decentralized and verifiable way.
    – Can use Kleros-based TCR to curate the reactions.