Curated Lists of Jurors


If we can curate doge pics and token listings, why not curate lists of jurors? I’ll list some problems I think this would solve, then list some use cases.


People staking on a case for the “meme” value. If I have a net worth of 500 million dollars, I have no problem risking even 200K worth of PNK to be on a case for the kick of it. If there’s a high profile gas pricing case, I could want to be a juror on that case just to be able to say I was. An example of this could be the OJ simpson case. If people in the US could choose to be selected for that jury, I can guarantee you that most people would have wanted to be on that jury for the publicity/voyeurism of the whole thing.

Then, there’s the issue of people not being able to assess their own knowledge level regarding the subject matter. If I think I have good knowledge about the medical industry because I read a few wikipedia articles, I might decide to start staking on any medical-related courts, even though I actually know nothing. Me being a juror on a few courts will make the entire system just a little less stable.


Proving someone works in/has knowledge of an industry is pretty easy, and is somewhat similar to the whole “proof of humanity” idea. Given that, we can curate lists of jurors. When someone opens a case through kleros, they can give the list of people that jurors could be selected from (either all the jurors or just some could have to be from that list).

That way, a medical case like above could be created through kleros, with the restriction that only people verified as medical professionals (Doctors, nurses, etc…) can be a juror.

A high profile gas pricing case could also restrict potential jurors to people who have some knowledge about international law/gas pricing.

TL;DR: Pre-curate lists of jurors for possible cases. This should give higher quality jurors.

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I can see this being used on certain subcourts that needs high degree of expertise.

On the other hand, the privacy aspect is a problem. If a juror is publicly known then an attacker could coerce them.

As long as the majority of Kleros jurors are correct, the trolls/not-expert jurors will just waste their time & money. Their PNKs will instead be distributed to the good jurors, making those bad jurors’ voting power smaller and smaller with each wrong decision :smile: