DApp Fullstack Developer at Kleros

Job Description

Working with the CTO, a UX/UI designer and 3 other developers, you will develop software needed for Kleros to run: write code, participate in code reviews, write tests and deal with potential bugs/vulnerabilities reported through our bug bounty programs and audits.


*Ability to produce well-designed, maintainable and modular code.
*Network security and defensive programming.
*Ability to learn new technologies and languages to cope with the fast developments in the blockchain space.
*Ability to communicate and collaborate with other team members and partner entities.
*Ability to work remotely, autonomously and take initiatives.
*Interest in blockchain applications.

Desired qualifications:

*Languages and frameworks used in the development of Ethereum dapps: Solidity, Truffle, web3js/ethjs and Why3.
*CSS/SCSS, style methodologies (OOCSS, BEM).
*Blockchain technical knowledge and blockchain culture.
*Degree(s) (or other kind of formation) in Computer Science or related field.
*SQL and NoSQL database.
*Git/Github open source workflow.
*Good level of English.

As prescreen you can:

*Create a pull-request on one of the repositories in https://github.com/kleros/ resolving of the open issue. Upon completing the first issue create another pull-request to improve the code (clean code, tests…), or propose a new feature. This prescreen is paid as a part of Kleros bounty program (minimum of 2000$ worth of crypto per month split among external contributors). You are advised to join channels #dev and #bounty of Kleros slack (https://slack.kleros.io/) to get feedback and payout about your work. For issues related to web development, you can talk to @Nicolas Wagner. For those about smart contract development to @clesaege.
*Complete 3 sections of https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oq85o93aR9NSng4l-c1eMakTD39yEhf9wvR4svrZgTc/ . This prescreen is not paid.

You can ask for an intro (with a specific message) before completing the prescreen.

For additional information, you can join Kleros slack(https://slack.kleros.io/) #dev channel.