Discussion: PNK Airdrop to responsible vouchers

Repost of proposal made to Proof of Humanity forum: PNK Airdrop to responsible vouchers - Proof of Humanity - Proof of Humanity and UBI

Idea: Airdrop PNK to Proof of Humanity vouchers that have only vouched profiles that were successfully registered would:

  • Incentivize participation from active members of the PoH community in the Kleros Humanity court;
  • Lower the barrier to accessing Kleros Humanity court, while diluting big players;
  • Incentivize responsible vouching;
  • Indirectly penalize malicious vouching (vouch and challenge).


The airdrop for each user should be at least the minimum amount required to be a participant in the Human court.

The airdrop could be released monthly, or at specific milestones: 6k registered humans, 10k registered humans.

The airdrop should be given only to the most active responsible vouchers:

  • Top 10 vouchers (with no challenges)
  • Vouchers with the biggest chain of vouchees without challenges - (incentivizes helping your vouchees to be responsible too)
  • Any combination of the two

PR opportunity: Kleros would be the first platform to employ PoH to do fair airdrops.


I would like to gather the feedback from the Kleros community on this. I believe Kleros and PoH gain a lot from each other, and we should explore every opportunity of leveraging the attention and communities of each protocol.

Currently, Proof of Humanity represents 30% of all cases created on Kleros, and roughly 98% of the disputes in the last 30 days. Even though that may change with the introduction of courts on chains with lower gas fees, I believe it’s an opportunity for Kleros to both incentivize a healthy growth of Proof of Humanity participants, # of active jurors, % of retention, and all relevant metrics.

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Repost of Clement’s response on the Proof of Humanity thread:

Agree with Clement.
Maybe an airdrop to POH addresses that already staked PNK in the Humanity Court up to a given date in the near future. So, you give interested people the time to register in POH, and if it is already registered, to buy and stake some PNK.
As you must be registered in POH and buy some PNK and stake them in the court, there is no risk of having a ton of addresses buying PNK only for getting the airdrop.

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Instead of an airdrop, what about attention mining, say a Juror Education Program’?

Reward users for educating themselves about Kleros and answering a short quiz afterwards similar to gitcoin’s ‘Quests’ or Coinbase earn and use POH for sybill resistance to make sure the education reward can be distributed only once per person? For example reading comprehension quiz drawing from the Kleros book material.