Enquiry: Kleros Suitability to Arbitrate Crowdunding Campaign

Hi there,

Yahoo Answers is being shut down, and I’m planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to incentivise the creation of an archive (probably on IPFS).

I recently discovered Kleros, and I think it’s a brilliant and important idea. I’m interested in using Kleros to arbitrate the crowdfunding campaign, and I’d love to speak to someone about how this might work and what it might cost.

I’m based in Australia, and available to chat most days after 8am AEST. I’m hoping to launch the campaign within the next 24 hours, so if you can make time on short notice it’d be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dayne,
How would you like this to work?
If the idea is to collect funds and have them paid to you only if the archive is created, you can do that using cryptounlocked choosing Kleros as the arbitrator.