ExO (Exponential Organisation) - research - case study

TLDR: I would like to use Kleros as a case study


I’m doing a certification course: Become an ExO Consultant - OpenExO

What is an ExO? Here are some attributes…

I know that @FedericoAst was involved in SingularityU, he totally gets the exponentials.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/federicoast/

Benefit for Kleros

  • Some publicity
  • My time, energy, effort into analyzing the business model canvas and ExO attributes
  • Finding new distribution channels, niche, key partners

I think that is a big win for Kleros, and all I’m asking is some time, 3 calls in total:

I know that Stuart is now only part-time and I’m hoping that maybe someone else in a similar role could find some time?

It’s a massive WIN-WIN-WIN, everyone wins!

Please let me know, either here, or on Slack :pray:


Mars, I like this. I’d support some research in the context of Kleros as an exponential organization. What do you need exactly?

By the way, have you listened to the podcast episode we did with Salim Ismail?

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I just did. I’m a “frequent flyer” of his content, I’ve heard some of this stories already.

I actually do not know exactly, it’s part of the assigment to work with real life customer, more details will be shared soon as we progress with the material.

:phone: :phone: :phone:

Maybe soon after the community calls?

Are they still happening?

You are familiar with ExO methodology and we are both high energy, if the material says 1 hour we can totally do in less time, I promise it will be worth it :sunglasses:

Hi Mars, sure. Can’t do it right after the community call because that’s when we play Age of Empires. But send me an email and we will find some time.

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Don’t trust, verify: https://www.credential.net/97b0a169-531a-4d1b-a6b8-fe5cc461cb68

Thank you for helping and sorry it took so long to complete…