Explaination of "Jump" and "Alpha" parameters

This post explains the parameter meanings of both “Jump” and “Alpha” for proposals in the Votes section of the forum.


Parent court: The parent court of this court. Jurors staking in this court must also stake in the parent one. Disputes which “jump” go to the parent court.

Juror fee: The arbitration fees which are paid to jurors. If some jurors are considered ‘incoherent’, their arbitration fee is split between the other jurors.

Jurors for jump: The minimum number of jurors after which an appeal “jump” to the parent court. This is the minimum number before the appeal, not after.

(ex: JurorsForJump=100, there are currently 80 jurors, the first appeal does not lead to a jump, but on the second there are 161 jurors before the appeal so it leads to a jump).

Minimum Stake: The minimum amount of PNK required to stake into this court.

Alpha: The amount of tokens which are redistributed from incoherent jurors expressed in proportion of “Minimum Stake”. For example if minimum stake is 10 000 PNK and alpha is 30%, 3 000 is redistributed from each incoherent juror.

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Currently, I’ve noticed Jurors for jump being 255.

I think it’s a high number.

I don’t think there are that many PNK holders above minimum staking threshold.


  • Initially there are 3 jurors.
  • Next round 7 (3*2 + 1)
  • Next next round 15 (7*2 +1)
  • Next next next round 31 (15*2 + 1)
  • Next next next next round 63 (31*2 + 1)
  • Next next next next next round 127 (63*2 + 1)
  • Next next next next next next round 255 (127*2 + 1)

Currently (Mon 13th May 2019) the biggest vote was 15: https://tokens.kleros.io/badge/0x916deaB80DFbc7030277047cD18B233B3CE5b4Ab/0x8069080a922834460C3A092FB2c1510224dc066b

I think that 255 is not realistic and excessive.

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Well 255 in the general court would be 51 ETH of arbitration fees which seems high but reasonable.
Most people would stop appealing way before going there but it’s important for it to be high to defend against bribing attacks.

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