FAQs - Doges On Trial

Below you’ll find FAQs for the ongoing pilot - Doges on Trial. This list will be updated as new questions are asked and answered in the telegram community.


Q. How much PNK tokens should I deposit? What is the suggested amount?
A. You can put as much amount of PNK tokens you like. Minimum is 800 PNK tokens. Higher the amount, higher the chances of getting selected as a Juror.

Q. I submitted some PNK tokens. But now I am unable to withdraw them. Why?
A. As of now, you can’t withdraw while a session is going on. Once a session is over, you can withdraw them.

Q. A submitter is trying to bribe me. Isn’t this against the pilot?
A. No, on the contrary, this is a real-world scenario which we want to test our pilot against. All this is part of our experiment to see if economic incentives hold true or not for the Jurors out in the wild. You as a Juror must do what you think is right and best in your interest.

Q. How much PNK tokens do I need to submit an image?
A. None. You only need to deposit 0.06 Eth per image.

Q. If there are 3 jurors for a picture and all 3 come to the same conclusion, then they each get back their PNK?
A. Yes, and they get some Ether as well (paid by the losing party) as they provided services.

Q. If I want to be a juror and stake PNK but am not chosen, do I lose my staked PNK?
A. Your PNK will be refunded if you are not chosen for the session round.

Q. Is it possible for a Juror to get selected for multiple cases?
A. Theoretically, a candidate may be drawn more than once for a specific dispute (but in practice it is unlikely). The amount of times a user is drawn for a dispute (called its weight) determines the number of votes he will get in the dispute and the amount of tokens he will win or lose during the token redistribution.

Q. I deposited some PNK tokens, and now I want to deposit more, but I’m getting this message "Your connection is unstable, please check your network and refresh the page.”
A. Once you’ve deposited for that session, you would have to wait till the next to deposit more.

Q. How many jurors are drawn in a case?
A. It’s set for selecting 3 jurors in every case. In the future, the number of jurors will be set by the parties in the arbitrable contract.

Q. How much PNK would a juror loose in case of an incoherent ruling?
A. In this iteration, it’s 200 PNK tokens. However, that could be a variety of different amounts depending on the sub-court. Note that the amount would be multiplied by the number of cases you are involved in.

Q. Are you selecting who should be the Jurors for each image?
A. The selection of jurors is done by the process explained in the whitepaper. Jurors are not selected by the team.

Q. How would you hide the voting results on-chain? How are you gathering the votes in secret and then reveal them once everyone has voted?
A. The jurors submit their vote as hash(vote, salt, address). This hash is different for every juror. Once the voting period ends the jurors can reveal their vote by publishing their vote and the salt. Then their vote can be verified. If they don’t reveal the salt, the juror is penalized.
Note: Currently in the pilot, votes are public.

Q. I am drawn for a case. What do I do next?
A. Now it’s time to vote on it. Open the case and you should see the image in trial and the option to choose Yes / No whether you think it’s a Doge or not. All the best!

Q. I see some doge images have been accepted even though it has a cat! What should I do?
A. As per the payout policy, you can’t have doge and a cat to be accepted for payout. But that policy is different from rules to judge on. But there have been cases where some Jurors used the payout policy as rules on what is acceptable/not-acceptable.

How to decide is ultimately your call. The only rule is, it should be a “doge” and any NSFW content should be rejected. All the best!

Q. I had deposited some PNKs to the general court a few days back. I see again “Pending actions” that I can now deposit some PNKs. Do we have to deposit everytime the cycle starts?
A. Yes, in the current system. For future versions, this will be fixed.

Q. I have been waiting to get selected as a Juror despite depositing so many PNKs! What do I do to get selected?
A. Selection is random based on an algorithm described in the whitepaper. Best you can do is deposit more PNK tokens and wait for the system to select you for future cases.


Q. Why is the fee so high for a trial to run (0.06 Eth)?
A. Firstly it’s not a fee. It’s a deposit. You’ll get it back if your submission is accepted. Secondly, it should be large enough to deter spamming but not so large as to deter people from posting. Remember this is the first time anyone has tried something like this. Still, a lot of research to do.
Also, do note that there is 1Million DOGE to be split among successful doge submitters.

Q. Is there a period when I can submit an image?
A. No, you can submit an image at any time.

Q. I tried submitting an image but received an error. Will I be charged again if I try to resubmit?
A. If your image shows an error, submit it again. It won’t charge you for resubmission.

Q. So the reason to submit a valid doge is to get a proportional bounty from the !M doge coins?
A. Correct. Btw, what is a valid doge? It’s not as simple as it sounds. Take a look at our rejected and accepted list of doges so far to get an idea

Q. And why would anyone bother submitting a cat, as it’s not a doge?
A. We want to test our concept that Jurors if given right incentives will accept only doges and not a cat. If a submitter is able to bypass the incentives they win a prize. Check here for more info.


Q. How much PNK tokens do I need to become a challenger?
A. None. You only need to deposit 0.06 Eth per challenge.

Q. When something is challenged, the only people who can put in for an appeal are the original poster and the original challenger?
A. Correct.


Q. Will you be publishing stats about jurors like the number of applicants, average deposits etc?
A. Yes, we will write reports with our findings.

Q. For how long will the pilot run?
A. End date is not decided yet but at least whole of August. The end date will be announced.

Q. I still don’t understand the various periods.
A. In this early version of Kleros, court sessions will have a duration of 84 hours, during which users will be able to conduct different actions.

  1. Users submit images to the list.

  2. Challenge period (1 day).

This is the time that prosecutors have to challenge images.

Note: You can challenge at any time via the Doge List interface and the dispute will be automatically scheduled for the next session.

  1. Deposit period (1 day).

Users can only deposit PNK during some pre-defined time frames (think of these as the court office hours). After all PNK were received for the period, the random selection of jurors takes place.

  1. Ruling period (36 hours).

This is the time that drawn jurors have to produce a decision.

  1. Appeal period (23 hours).

This is the time users will have to appeal rounds.

  1. Execution period (1 hour).

During this period, the court executes rounds. Funds in ETH and PNK are redistributed.

From the beginning to the end, the session will have a duration of 84 hours. We know this can be hard to follow by users. So we will announce it on a regular basis in our Telegram group and our forum.

Of course, this design works like this just because this is an early version of Kleros. In future versions, users will be able to deposit PNK at any time and the user flow will be much more friendly.
Last message to continue searching the group:
And that’s the question, isn’t it? What incentive does Marc have to be honest with this table? Does he gain more from lying or not?

Q. What is this ‘metamask’? Why do I need it?
A. MetaMask connects your browser to the Ethereum network and provides a secure identity and token wallet so that you can interact with dApps and engage with blockchain. The MetaMask Plug-in — which is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave. You need it to connect and interact with our dogesontrail dApp. I recommend checking this cool intro video on what it is and how to use it.


Q: Mayank:

Is there some kinda stats available based on so far selection, a weighted average of some kind (number of times selected, total deposits, total users, selected users) and average min PNK to deposit to get a high chance of getting selected?

**A:**William George Responds:

For now, if you want to be able to estimate your chances of being drawn yourself, the number of times a user with a given number of pnk deposited is drawn is binomial Binom(number of juror votes needed, amount of pnk deposited by juror/total amount of pnk deposited). You can check on etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0x93ed3fbe21207ec2e8f2d3c3de6e058cb73bc04d

#balances on the list of pnk token holders to see how much pnk the court contract (0x211f01…) has. Not all of that pnk is deposited in a given session but it gives a rough idea; right now the court contract has 3257234 pnk. If you follow the doge list page you can get a sense of how many votes are needed based on how many images are challenged (and whether those challenges are appeals).

Currently, it looks like there are 12 images challenged, 6 first round, 6 in appeal, so that is 67+63=60 juror votes needed. So with 33500 you would have 33500/3257234=.01028 of the total deposited. So your number of draws should be something like Binom(60,.01028). You can use a stats calculator like https://stattrek.com/online-calculator/binomial.aspx to find the probability that you get at least one draw with that. It was 46%.

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Q. What happens in case of a tie?
A. If there are no rulings, it’s a tie, then submitter and challenger each get 0.045 Eth back and the image is removed (removed, not rejected, this means it can be submitted again).

Q. So let’s say, Three Jurors were selected. 2 voted (1 yes, 1 no) and 3rd Juror didn’t vote. Will all 3 of them get 0.1 Eth still?
A. No, if you don’t vote, you don’t get paid and may lose PNK if someone notice and calls a particular function.
Function - https://github.com/kleros/kleros/blob/master/contracts/kleros/Kleros.sol#L292
Anyone can make a bot (using above function) to get the arbitration fee and steal some PNK from inactive jurors.


Q. I saw someone submitting a gif which has a cat. Is that acceptable to get the prize?
A. While the idea is clever and commendable, Unfortunately, it would be invalid as per the payout policy.