General Information on various Kleros Entities

Kleros Protocol

The Kleros Protocol is a decentralised dispute resolution mechanism, the V1 is built on Ethereum and the V2 will be cross-chain compatible. It aims to provide a transparent, efficient, and fair method for resolving disputes by leveraging the wisdom of crowds. The protocol utilises smart contracts to manage the dispute resolution process, allowing parties to submit disputes and receive rulings in a trustless manner from randomly selected jurors.

Kleros DAO

The Kleros DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) is a governance structure that allows stakeholders within the Kleros ecosystem to collectively make decisions about the future direction of the protocol. DAO members, who hold Kleros tokens (PNK), can propose and vote on changes, upgrades, or improvements to the protocol. Such changes of the protocol can be done in a decentralised way thanks to the Governor smart contract, it is the same contract that holds the funds belonging to the DAO. The changes done in this way should be compatible with the Kleros protocol (e.g. they can’t change the basic structure of how arbitration fees are split between the coherent jurors). This process ensures that the community decides how the Kleros protocol evolves over time.

Kleros Cooperative

The Kleros Cooperative is a legal entity incorporated in France that is dedicated to support the development and growth of the Kleros ecosystem. It provides resources, funding, and guidance to projects and initiatives that contribute to the adoption and improvement of the Kleros Protocol. The Cooperative manages its own Treasury that is used to cover its various expenses, mostly payroll but also sponsorships, events etc. Its ultimate goal is to ensure the success and adoption of Kleros protocol. The Cooperative does not control the smart contracts deployments of the Kleros Protocol. After a short initial period of observation and monitoring to ensure the deployment stability, the Cooperative handed over control of the smart contracts to the Kleros DAO via the Governor, unless stated otherwise. The Cooperative retains control of the frontends, subgraphs, other middleware and backend deployments until there is a practical solution to the hard problem of governing Web2 assets as a DAO, but their source code remains always available. Moreover, it’s worth noting that anyone can build an alternative front end to interact with the Kleros smart-contracts, the Cooperative doesn’t have an exclusive control on them.

Kleros Community

The Kleros community consists of individuals, developers, jurors, and stakeholders who are involved or interested in the Kleros ecosystem. The community gathers on this Forum but also on this Telegram channel where Community Calls are organised on a weekly basis. It encompasses a diverse range of participants from around the world who contribute to the development, adoption, and promotion of the Kleros Protocol

Kleros Ecosystem

Projects who integrate with the protocol directly, or indirectly by integrating or consuming data from arbitrated protocols. Kleros is designed to be inherently composable with other projects, serving as a foundational layer that other DApps can utilise for establishing subjective information on-chain. This means that Kleros can be integrated into various DApps, providing them with a reliable dispute resolution mechanism. Please find more details of all our ecosystem partners there:

Furthermore, Kleros also integrates with other oracles, such as Reality.eth for factual verification, and utilizes VRF (Verifiable Random Function) random number oracles from and Chainlink, demonstrating its adaptability and interoperability