I am new, asking dumb questions

Hello everyone!
I just recently found out about Kleros and would love to contribute as a juror. However, I find it difficult to get hold of PNK in a way that is economically viable ( I am not a crypto expert, please excuse). If I try to swap ETH to PNK via Metamask/Uniswap I am looking at gas fees >100$. Is there a better way to obtain PNK an get started on Kleros? Please excuse, if my question is very basic but I have not been able to come up with a solution so far. To be clear: I am not interesred in making a profit on Kleros. I just want to participate and not go broke in the process :wink:

Thank you for your help!

There will soon be a court on xDAI where the TX fees are negligible. There will also be a version on a rollup later this year.

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Hi @cleasage! How soon is soon? Is this already working: xdai-kleros-liquid

Cool @clesaege. This would also make possible for #ProofOfHumanity to move to xDAI too. Correct?