Ideas about default policy


Looking at potential realitio cases, here are some ideas about general policies.

Default meaning provides clarification for terms and behaviour which can be often used but may suffer from ambiguity of interpretation.
They can be overridden by court policies and primary documents.

  • Times default to UTC time.
  • Time defaults to Unix time (number of seconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00 Thursday, 1 January 1970).
  • Dates default to jj/mm/yyyy and jj/mm/yy.
  • Rounding defaults to the nearest integer, round half toward 0 (ex: 5.6 rounds to 6, -1.5 rounds to -1).
  • Units defaults to SI units.
  • Amounts of decimals for cryptocurrencies and tokens default to 18.
  • In case information on monetary values is sought, the default currency will be USD.

Any other default ideas?


I’m assuming this was a typo and you meant 5.5?


In case information on monetary values is sought, the default currency will be USD


Yeah, I corrected 5->6.


On one hand, it seems practical but on the other do we really want to endorse the USD?
What do you think?


I’d say it’s less of an endorsement and more of an acknowledgement that the USD is the global reserve currency.


Ok, I add it this default.


I’d be interested in knowing if there are any default units of time that could be used. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem very likely.

In a question such as “how long did WWI last?” You could write an answer in years, months and days.

In a question like “how long does it take to sail from Brazil to Antarctica?” the answer could be in days and hours.

In another question, such as “What is the world record in sprinting?” the time would stretch into hundredths of a second.


The time unit of the SI is the second. So “how long did WWI last?” would give the result in seconds.
I get that for this question the result is not optimal, but I think SI units overall are the best default. Ethereum uses the second to give block timestamp too.
This lead to another default: The unix time.


Now one question is:

Is it better to use those defaults or to “refuse to arbitrate” on questions which are not clear?


I almost forgot:
-The language should be English unless otherwise specified by subcourt rules.