Identity Curated List

One of Kleros curated list usecase could be a mapping of identity to address (process quite similar to Doges On Trial).
People who want to have their address verified would provide a proof that their address belongs to them.
It can be by stating it public on social media, linking to a video where they display a “My address is 0xE4403f58B101EC3881c94d183680701438b1CE7B” and dictate all the characters of the address (we can put badges like “video-verification”, “Twitter verification”).

People could challenge addresses in this list.
In the case of challenge, only the challenger would be able to add additional evidence and the question would be “Are the evidence submitted by the submitter valid?” and not “Is the submitter who he claims he is?”.
This is to avoid someone submitting unconvincing evidence and then submitting additional convincing evidence to steal money from the challengers.