Implementation of `test cases` to check expertise before enrolling in a court

Enrolling as a juror in a court can be scary as you have a financial stake. How do you know wether or not you have sufficient expertise in a topic to join the court as a juror? It may be a good idea to present every court with a few representative test cases, where an aspiring juror can review the evidence and vote, to check wether or not his vote would have been coherent for this hypothetical case. It may give the confidence necessary to become a juror for the court, or withhold people who lack the proper skills to act as jurors.

I apologize if this is not a new idea, but briefly scrolling through the forum I did not find a similar post.



Great idea!
It would help when the cases are not too many in the real courts.
Good to run such test cases on testnet regularly.
Maybe once a month? we can discuss the frequency.
Every staked juror would get the same amount of test PNK staked in this ‘test court’.
They may work on these test cases to understand the process and experience the loss/gain in realtime.
Any ideas are welcome.