Inability to submit evidence during evidence submission phase?

I’ve got a case currently in the evidence acceptance phase and yet there’s no ability to submit evidence. I’m new to this so I can’t tell if it’s always like this, or if something isn’t working correctly. At the top of the page it says:

View mode only: the arbitrable contract of this dispute is not compatible with the interface of Dispute Resolver. You can’t submit evidence or fund appeal on this interface. You can do these on the arbitrable application, if implemented.

There’s a button in the evidence section that says “Go To Arbitrable Application to Submit Evidence” but it can’t be pushed. Hovering over it just changes the cursor from an arrow into a no symbol.

Is something not working correctly or is this working as designed?

Hi, it means you need to go to the application which created the dispute. Could you link us to this dispute so we can help?

If the arbitrable smart contract that created this dispute does not implement IDisputeResolver interface, you can’t use Dispute Resolver to submit evidence.

You need to visit the user interface that is made for this arbitrable contract specifically.

If you are the developer of this arbitrable contract, I can help you to fix this.