Issues when transfer PNK Kleros token - Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]

TLDR: need to manually increase gas limit


MetaMask should know how to calculate gas?

MyCrypto should know how to calculate gas?

I consider myself an advanced user - I know that Kleros is using MiniMe (more advanced than typical ERC20), I was taking part in the IICO and I was implementing additional tests and I knew that I have to increase the gas limit (due to data structures used when calculating optional refunds).

It took me 3 failed attempts

  1. from MetaMask
  2. from MyCrypto
  3. Unstake from court and then sent
  4. [finally worked] increase the gas

Check how many failed transactions

(taking screenshots for any time traveler in case links are offline)

This account is strange:

I couldn’t believe my eyes, so many failed transactions, time after time… That guy was persistent!


Maybe the tools do not calculate the gas for transfer each time but retrieve it from somewhere?

Maybe the MiniMe conract has some side effects I’m not aware of?

Usability and adoption

As always… Making it easy for the users = WIN :sunglasses:

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His wallet was probably not computing gas limit correctly.

My wallet too.

I was using MetaMask (autoupdated Chrome extension) and MyCrypto (also autoupdated)

I made the topic easy to find in Google, I hope it will save you some gas fees.

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Gas limit 200k, this time it wasn’t “out of gas”:

Solution: need to unstake first

Previously I unstaked as part of trial-error process. This time around did the time and it worked.


Next time someone has troubles with sending, point them to this thread.