KIP-16: T²CR Primary Document Update A

kip: 16
title: T²CR Primary Document Update
author: Martijn (@martijn)
category: T²CR
status: Voting
created: 2019-10-16

## Simple Summary
This proposal was written in order to reflect the recent discussions about which cases to accept in the T²CR as well as to clear up some ambiguities.

## Specification
This proposal updates the T²CR primary document as follows:

#### Add
 - “Requests are **not** to be denied listing based on token creation date, token swap status (with non-ethereum chains), use case or token activity.”
 - “All submissions must be tokens with smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet.”

#### Modify
- “The token symbol should be a transparent PNG of at least 200x200 px.” 
to say  
“The token symbol should be a transparent PNG of at least 128x128px and at most 2500x2500px.”

#### Remove
- “Project names and tickers should be carefully checked.”

## Copyright
Copyright and related rights waived via [CC0](

SHA1: a406b4e83c85f3a7e3b0bd71f3e4fd09897ec9b9
SHA256: 8c79295115971b4845820d15b0196db406cbdf4f63ee42c350fa740195de918d

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This proposal requires a simple majority.
Voting can be done here.

This proposal has been put to vote.

The proposal has been executed.