KIP-19 New Sub Court: Onboarding Court

Dear fellow free justice enthusiasts,

I propose to create a new sub court Onboarding Court, as a new branch to the general court, with the following parameters:

parent: 0 (General Court)
hiddenVotes: false
minStake: 1000 PNK
alpha (part of minStake which is at stake in each draw): 10%
feeForJuror: 0.01 ETH
jurorsForCourtJump: 255
timesPerPeriod: [140400,291600,291600,194400] Each of them are half of general court.

Name: Onboarding

Court Purpose :

  • Allow new jurors to get a feel of Kleros by solving a variety of small disputes.
  • Allow projects considering Kleros use to have some disputes solved with Kleros in order to compare Kleros results with other methods.

Policies: Disputes should be relatively simple. They should require less than 1 hour to solve.

Required Skills:
No particular skills are required.


This proposal requires a simple majority.
Voting can be done here.

The proposal has been put to vote.

The proposal has been executed.