KIP-25 Court proposal: Curation (Medium)

I propose the following court:


Court name: Curation (Medium)

Parent court: Curation

Fee per juror: .025 ETH

Minimum take: 3000 PNK

alpha: .5

Jurors for jump: 30

timesPerPeriod: [210660, 437400, 437400, 291600]


Court purpose: In this court, jurors will solve tasks of “medium difficulty” related to curation or content moderation. Here requirements to be analyzed can be more complicated than those of the micro-tasks in the Curation court; however, much higher effort cases should still be placed in other courts, but might arrive in this court upon appeal.


This court can be a place for curation tasks that don’t require specialized skills, but are too difficult compared to the fees being paid in the Curation court. The times per period are 1.5 times those proposed for the Curation court to account for the increased difficulty of the tasks.


This proposal has been put to vote.