KIP-38 T2CR Evidence Display Update

I propose to update the meta evidence file used for registration and removal requests from:

registration: /ipfs/QmdpgKxeUFiMjNB4G7hrcnKt5UgnXKnRQi8LLL6iPZWSAk
removal: /ipfs/QmPfnRCPfU6C6HqGenPf8VErpyyTjYSk5SkTDtcehANdHJ


registration: /ipfs/QmcqVE7VHgoMSP1WYUxSFAKeB6uwA7cHDkJswXGHgdWdjF
removal: /ipfs/QmYHiS8ncwsLV5yHt8mUyz7w4LHNUPMibraUA8rdcvZbcH


The only field changed is the evidenceDisplayInterfaceURL. The ipfs gateway used is removed from the url leaving only the IPFS uri portion.


We should not trust any ipfs gateway (even klerose’s) by default and let the user select his own. This is a security best practice.


This would be a purely technical proposal and would not change anything for non technical users (basically it removes reliance on the Kleros IPFS gateway for the T2CR rules).

This proposal has been put to vote.