KIP-47 Reduce jurorsForCourtJump for Gnosis Chain Curation Court

The Curation Court on Gnosis Chain currently has a juror with a little over half the voting power (2.5M / 4.7M PNK). Furthermore, this is not a court that requires any specialized knowledge or skills and the opinions of its jurors can therefore not be expected to be more valid than those of the General Court’s jurors. As such there is no point in letting appeals drag on in this same court. The jurorsForCourtJump parameter which dictates at what stage of appeal the court will be switched from Curation to General Court is currently set to 30, meaning that the last stage of appeals in Curation court will typically have 15 jurors. In the interest of reducing the length and cost of appeals in cases where the majority juror is believed to be in opposition to wider held opinions, I propose to reduce this parameter to 14, meaning that the last round of appeals in Curation court will have 7 jurors (and the next round will go to General Court).

I propose to update the parameters in the following courts.

Gnosis Chain Curation

jurorsForCourtJump: 14


This makes sense for now. I support this.