KIP-56 Interim CTO and Clément taking 3 months paid vacation

:arrow_right: Motivation

Too much drama…

:arrow_right: Rest is as important as work :muscle:

I would love Clément to fully recharge and recuperate.

Great story from Hacker News:

I’ve had more ideas come to me after hiding in my office to take a nap than sitting at my desk. It got to be such a gold mine of solutions that I still to this day allocate 30 minutes of my day to a nap. Non-negotiable. So many hard problems that have been brought to me, or complicated needs for architecture, etc were solved by simply turning my active brain off.

:arrow_right: Words of appreciation

He is such a great number nerd, just like Vitalik.

:arrow_right: Implementation

  • Take time off.
  • No internet.
  • Jungle.
  • Mountains.
  • Yoga / meditation / breathwork / maybe even some plant medicines :seedling: :seedling: :seedling:

(one could argue this is great for rest and cognitive enhancement)

:arrow_right: Direct question

@clesaege when was your last time on a proper holiday?

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Initial reception

It seems like this idea was received well.

Message on Telegram and 5 emoji reactions: Telegram: Contact @kleros

I’ve also messaged @FedericoAst and @clesaege directly and they were quite receptive, or at least they didn’t kick me out :slight_smile:

On a personal note, I had a complicated divorce and I remember I was emotionally drained. Forking a project is like a divorce in technical terms.

PS. The mountains on the picture are cool but it is still crypto-tech-Kleros talk. I’m talking more about total offline disconnection and no devices…

RANDOM. That would be actually a good test if Kleros could function completely independently: Bus factor - Wikipedia

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V2 incoming

V3 Ethereum will never ship

Let’s make an effort to ensure V3 of Kleros never ships

(and even if, it will be years from now)

Clement is needed as CTO. In that case reduce 3 months to 10 days, for example a silent meditation retreat:

(something totally disconnected from all the drama)

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