KIP-60 Court proposal: Blockchain No Técnica

I am proposing the following Gnosis Chain court.

Court name: Blockchain No Técnica

Parent court: Corte General en Español (xDAI)

hiddenVotes: 0

Proposed juror fee: 15.0 xDAI

Proposed minstake: 2800.0 PNK

Proposed alpha: 0.5

jurorsForCourtJump: 15

timesPerPeriod: [108000, 216000, 216000, 216000]

Habilidades Requeridas:

Los jurados no necesitan un conocimiento profundo de blockchain ni habilidades de programación. Pero necesitan conocimiento para leer exploradores de blockchain, buscar criptoactivos listados en exchanges, entender cómo verificar una transacción y analizar datos on-chain.


This is a Spanish-language Gnosis Chain court designed to handle cases similar to the (English-language) Blockchain Non-technical on mainnet. Note that the fees and deposits are similar to those of the parent court - the Corte General en Español (xDAI), so the two courts are calibrated for tasks on a relatively similar scale. However, in contrast to Corte General en Español (xDAI), Blockchain No Técnica has hiddenVotes turned off (as well as somewhat shorter periods), allowing for less delay during early rounds of disputes that may be considered in this court.

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After some discussions I edited the proposed timesPerPeriod so that the appeal period would now be increased to 2.5 days. This should be somewhat more conservative.

Parent court: Corte General en Español (xDAI)

The parent court does not exist yet on xDAI, we’ll need to propose its creation.

EDIT: this is because KIP-52 has not yet been executed due to complications (the gnosis safe targeted by the governor’s accepted payload had to be migrated).