KIP-62 Parameter Update to Blockchain No Técnica

I am proposing a small change to the parameters for the Gnosis Chain Blockchain No Técnica court whose creation was recently approved in KIP-60.

Proposed minstake : 3300 PNK
Proposed alpha : .425


A constraint on the court tree requires that the minstake parameter of a court always be at least as large as the minstake of its parent court. This is due to the fact that by staking in a child court, one is also automatically staked in the parent. However, the minstake for the Blockchain No Técnica court that was proposed in KIP-60 was lower than the minstake of its parent, the Corte General en Español as updated in KIP-57. So the Blockchain No Técnica cannot be created until a change to the minstake of at least one of these two courts is approved.

This proposal would set the minstake of Blockchain No Técnica equal to that of Corte General en Español. The choice of alpha is such that the voteStake remains approximately the same as the voteStake that results from the choices of minstake and alpha in KIP-60, remaining in the spirit of that proposal.