KIP, discussion and suggestions for Improving kleros for arbitration and beyond: by Priyanshu Joshi

Blockchain is not that good of a technology in my opinion, there are other alternatives that can be used in my opinion,
I personally suggest moving to new technologies such as Holochain;
Holochain doesn’t use blockchain; it uses technologies such as; DAG of Hash Chains, DHT (Distributed Hash Tables), Cryptographic Signing, a different application architecture made to help developers.

Unlike blockchain you don’t need to store all the data on the network, just the data that concerns you.

In Holochain every app technically is its own network.

Holochain technology is purely peer to peer.

It doesn’t use or need any consensus mechanism; instead of it Holochain uses a technology called peer witnessing in which a random set of peers store, validate and witness transactions, so in theory transactions made on Holochain are instant and no one has to wait for any consensus.

Holochain is Apps; (and i am serious, you can confirm it yourself by check their website, other articles and etc.) infinitely scalable, absolutely decentralized, secure, fast;
Also apps created on Holochain are natively interoperable and Holochain Application Framework is also energy efficient and cost efficient as well.

Holochain also doesn’t need a native currency for it to run since there is no consensus,
Do check Holochain website, and their other articles
There is also their own application named “Holo” which is for web hosting apps or webpages, Holo is obviously based upon Holochain framework itself, maybe Kleros someday can utilize Holo or some other application.

Holochain has just released its beta on 2022 December 15,
And Holo has not launched yet either.
Apps made on Holochain can only use Programming languages that are compatible with Web-assembly.

Now let’s be clear I like Holochain but who knows maybe in the future some other better technology may come that even beats Holochain. So we should always research for other new technologies and alternatives to Holochain. And we should only take action after critical research.

And rather loving one technology altogether maybe we should be open to new emerging better technologies and be open to such change. As I have noticed people on the internet loving blockchain blindly.

It’s upon the Kleros community about what change they want to Kleros so this was my opinion, leaving blockchain (and i am not specifically saying moving to Holochain) will probably require a lot of effort, time and a lot of thinking, so hopefully in the future we achieve this.

(I have written “A” in the title as there is going to be a series of new proposals like a tv show has episodes, as this proposal, in my opinion, helps in improving the basic foundation of kleros; and as this kind of supports my other proposals that I will write in the future; and also because I had a lot of unused knowledge about this technology , etc; that’s why I made this proposal.)

STAR/Score runoff voting shall be used when jurors have to choose from multiple options.

Single winner Star voting shall be used when only one option needs to win.

(Though unlikely, if multiple options are ever needed to win, Multi winner Star voting variants are available, that are Bloc star voting and Proportional star voting. The Bloc Star is more of a majoritarian winner system, while Proportional Star can be used when results are needed to be proportional.
While Single Winner and Bloc Star voting system are technically same in procedure, nothing changes, Proportional Star voting has a different and complexed procedure.)

Reasons: Star voting is a mixture of both scoring and ranking voting systems and thus has the attributes of both, and technically it solves the problem of vote splitting as well,

The Equal Vote Coalition supports this voting system. They have responded to opposing arguments against this voting system as well.
They have also presented data regarding how it is the best compared to other voting systems.

They also suggest that since it is impossible for a voting system to pass all the voting theory criterias, so, instead, we should consider the chances of a voting system to fail a criterias.
Considering this, STAR/Score runoff voting surpasses all other voting systems.

(This is my proposal series 2nd article and is another proposal for Kleros.
Check this for my previous article and proposals


  1. I will suggest using a mixture of your already implemented cryptocurrency bonding with a reputation system; by either using an already existing app such as
    Sacred Capital (which i do suggest you check since they have a really different and interesting system of reputation),
    Orange and or etc, or make a reputation system of your own;

As reputation is directly tied to the individual
through reputation and in my opinion should be non fungible (so it cannot be spent or purchased) this we can implement concepts like reputation staking, and have reputations in various fields for example
technical expertise,

And we can allow, only people with certain reputation (which maybe in a particular field and or human quality such as honesty) to participate.

The possibilities are endless;

There also other ideas i have heard such as assigning reputation points for a certain task to be completed.

I personally wanted an incentive for people to improve which can be used to reform people who acted malicious and got their reputation slashed,
(Right to reform is a part of justice afterall, in my opinion)
maybe we can achieve reforming an individual through giving a bonus for those who improve their reputation a lot in a fixed duration, maybe we can ask a person lock their coins and if they act malicious their coins will not be taken away unless unless they regain their reputation, or we should look into another systems.
I also suggest looking into the concept of reputation economy.

  1. I suggest considering and lookin into

new currency systems coming that you can consider using such as mutual credit accounting systems, though it is not that fleshed out in my opinion and also look at systems like payment gateway systems and also in the future currencies will probably be interoperable and thus it will be easy to exchange them with each other.

Such monetary research and consideration can be beneficial for the future of Kleros.

5.In my opinion the ai hold huge potential such as it can be used for recommending or making decisions and or for gathering data, and may also be used in executing a decision by itself (in the digital world ofcourse)

There is no one for all ai, but the concept known as ai system integration (check wiki) can be used, this concept can allow us to merge different ai’s in a way so they form a network for assisting each other.
Also, AI decisions can be biased (i have heard it is because of the data that is inputted into it), there are proposals for improving this using shapley value, a concept of game theory though i have heard it take lot of computation (i am not 100% sure) so, i have heard of another game theory concept known as core which is considered better (but i am not 100% sure).
There is also a problem of AI for making human decisions. I have heard that game theory may be able to solve this as well (though again I am not 100% sure about it)

Kleros has the potential to act as a human appeal option for AI decisions.
And we can incorporate AI into Kleros only whether as the primary arbitration service.
And or just for assistance in arbitration.

  1. In my opinion you can use the kleros, for improving the governance even further than it does now

I believe kleros can also be used as a policy jury that look arbitrate about the quality of decisions
made based upon a certain criteria as made; or jurors may be considered for making the decision based upon whether the community approves the decision or not (this may allow us to skip voting on proposal but the community as Kleros will be able to make such decision by itself); Or for checking whether the decision is in the interest of the community or not.
They can approve decisions or proposals/ or star voting, as per need, this can be combined with organizations customizing juror selection criteria.
Also Kleros may or may not be suitable for making (through Star voting and it’s other variants, as mentioned earlier) and or approving appointments using binary choices.

Thank you

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