Kleros deployed to xDai? (much cheaper transactions)

Dai Network is 100% compatible with Ethereum. This means that any Smart Contract or DApp deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet can be deployed on xDai with minimal changes. Developers and projects are realizing they can easily deploy and/or migrate to xDai to realize big cost savings and escape congestion. Forks of popular projects can also be deployed on xDai to take advantage of the stable network mechanics. Applications can live on multiple networks at once, serving different audiences and experimenting with different modes of operation.

Projects that already done it: https://www.xdaichain.com/about-xdai/project-spotlights

Praise of others:

xDAI Evaluation Summary:

  • EVM compatible
  • Minimal smart contract redeployment effort
  • Native MetaMask integration
  • 100x cheaper & 10x faster than Ethereum
  • Token Bridge UI providing Ethereum interoperability
  • Everything just works and right now
  • Token Bridge security is a concern, but being worked on

I’ve been using it a few times and I enjoy the fact it’s just like switching mainnet to testnet (yet another option in the MetaMask).

Network congested? xDAi can help…

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Blog post about scalability: https://blog.kleros.io/ethereum-scalability-and-kleros/