Kleros Storytelling Rewards

The Kleros team assigned 1 000 000 PNK for people spreading the word about Kleros.
It can take any form you want, for example, you could:

  • Write a blog post about your juror experience.
  • Tweet about interesting Kleros disputes.
  • Animate a Kleros thread in another forum.
  • Create videos about Kleros.
  • Any other good idea you may have.

Forbidden behaviors:

  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t create “scammy” content.

The program starts the 10/12/2019 at 16:00 and will finish the 11/02/2020.

Physical meetup organization is part of another program.

A committee composed of at least 2 members of Kleros cooperative will assign impact points to contributions. PNK will be divided among participants in proportion of their impact points. In case a participant disagrees with his share of the reward, Kleros Escrow will be used to settle the dispute.
Half of the reward will be distributed the 20/01/2020 for contributions made during the 10/12/2019-10/01/2020 period.
The other half will be distributed the 20/02/2020 for contributions made during the 11/01/2019-11/02/2020 period.
Participants need to list their contributions using this form at least a week before the distribution date.

You can discuss with other storytellers on the #storytellers channel of Kleros slack.


A good example of creating content and generating interest.

From Telegram: https://t.me/kleros/71760

Day 1

http://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/16539639 :arrow_right: https://archive.is/c8e1X

Day 2

http://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/16548977/the-12-days-of-kleros-day-two-trips-to-the-season :arrow_right: https://archive.is/DOer0

Day 3

(unable to find)

Day 4

http://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/16565818 :arrow_right: https://archive.is/I91i6

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Talking about Kleros in the context:

“hey guys, you should integrate Kleros for your customer queries dispute resolution, here are the reasons why and an existing example of how their work in a similar case”

(definitely in the spirit of the bounty)

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6cydrcBD1e/

DIY instructions:

Animate a Kleros thread in another forum.


Thank you for inspiration!