Kleros submission for review by DeFiSafety.com

About DeFiSafety
DeFiSafety is an independent ratings organization that evaluates Decentralized Finance products to produce an overarching security score based on transparency and adherence to best practices.

DeFiSafety’s Process Quality Reviews (PQRs) follow a clear, standardized and established process, allowing users to directly compare scores across different projects. Results of our assessments can be easily replicated by following the PQR documentation posted on our website.

PQR documentation clearly indicates the criteria behind the ratings and how we arrive at our conclusions.

DeFiSafety’s PQRs allow users to make informed decisions about the protocols they invest in, and provide developers with clear, achievable goals towards improving code, documentation and transparency.

DeFiSafety does not perform code audits. Instead, we review the quality of process and documentation behind the code, of which audits are only a part.

All DeFiSafety reviews are completely free, and are written without any payment from developers or protocols.

Why should we submit a Kleros project to DeFiSafety?

  • This will make the project documentation as transparent as possible and understandable for future contributors.
  • We will increase the visibility of the Kleros project among DeFiSafety users and employees.

Costs on the side of the Kleros project:

  • The auditors are contacting the project developers, which will require spending time answering their questions