[List Curation] Hate speech removal


We could use Kleros as a hate speech removal tool.
Users would report messages they deem inappropriate.
Kleros jurors would decide whether or not the disputed message is hate speech. If it is, the app would take some measures such as:
-Displaying a warning before the message can be shown.
-Stop displaying the message.
-Ban the account who made it.
-Penalize financially the violator (the violator must have a deposit beforehand).

I put hate speech as an example, but this can be applied to any violation of the terms and conditions of a platform.
Note that I don’t advocate for a general censorship, but I do believe that platforms should be able to set up their in order to remove hate speech if they deem it necessary.


That is great! But how would you handle such a hate speech and the needed financial deposit on a wider social network platform such as Facebook?

Thank you.


Centralized platforms could subsidize the fee and enforce rulings, in this case there will be no financial penalties for violators.

Decentralized ones could require a deposit to use them (and they could even give away tokens/eth required for the deposit initially in order to facilitate early user adoption, but if everyone has crypto it’s should be easier).