[Meta] Kleros Improvement Proposals

The forum recently has seen a steady growth in discussions around new proposals. To make the proposals more accessible and readable it’s would be wise to standardize the way in which we format these proposals. This not only makes for easier navigation, but also makes sure that discussions are more streamlined.

I propose we adopt a similar system as the Ethereum project uses on Github with EIPs. I want to use this thread to have a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of using such a system for Kleros as well as maybe explore other options. After some discussion we can start by drafting a proposal for standardization.

So if everybody could give their opinion/thoughts? :slight_smile:


I think it’s a good idea as long as requirements are quite lax such that it does not end up into a bureaucracy.


Several thoughts:

  1. Separating system-wide / community proposals (KIP) and subcourt specific proposals (CIP-X?). In the future there will be lots of courts. I think it’s neat to have the communities of each subcourt to govern their own policies without notifying the rest of Kleros.
  2. There will be a lot of not so technical users using Kleros, I think it’s best to keep using the forum to propose changes. We can use Github to document all the proposals, especially things like court policies. We could have one repo to track subcourt parameter/policy changes (I as juror would want to know which dispute gets trialed on which policy).
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Surely we should make a distinction between court proposals and system wide proposals, but I’d say we can do that with categories or tracks. If there would be lots of courts managed by Kleros I would also go for making them separate. In the future however it’s not up to Kleros to manage most of the courts. It is currently true that Kleros manages most courts, but look at for example Ethfinex court. Kleros has no power whatsoever over it’s policies or rules. Same goes for dutchX badges etc.

The way Ethereum proposals are currently debated are also on the magicians forum. So I would propose the same. Technical documentation and structure on Github, discussion on the forum (neatly organized).

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Also, when discussing policy updates should we consider a period for amendments (like with laws)? I think it could be kinda interesting and make the whole process more efficient (if done right). Maybe we shouldn’t immediately start with this, but it’s an interesting structure for sure.