logo challenge - crowdfunding - no such thing as easy money?

Handy link:

The logo should not have random transparent shadows

We set a precedent and next time transparent unicorn-mermaid-fairy-hitler OK

I enjoy discussion and debate.

I enjoy doing a little bit of work and being rewarded handsomely.

I have never heard of Morpheus (other than matrix) and I have no relationship with the project.

The logo was challenged.

It became the subject of a debate.

I’ve asked at the source and got a reply from the person responsible for the brand.

I was pretty sure obtaining the official logo from the official source and comparing it with “temp shadow” will be sufficient.

I really though that it is enough.

That gave me the full confidence the challenge is solid, there is no such thing on the official logo.

The submitted logo appears on the website but has shadow, even the file name says “temp shadow”.

The policy does not say explicitly about shadows, only pixelation and blur. It’s the same category of offences.

It does not say anything about orientation, so based on this judgment it can be upside down?

I have life, work, family, projects.

I made this mistake some time ago - 7 of my token submissions were bad, I’ve lost my deposit that many times. The amount of mental energy producing the evidence was immense, excessive, too much.

This time it happened again - my attention, the cost of my time - more than I initially expected.

I have achieved the results that I wanted: attention, engagement, dispute… But it is taking its toll, I need to restore my focus, focus on priorities.

I need to be more conscious of my energy and my time.

Building true wealth requires focus and commitment.

Investing 1.66 ETH into a dispute?

I’m not investing more money.

I still believe the logo is not OK.

I just don’t have enough resources such as time, money and dedication to educate the internet about the rules.

This could be a great investment for you - someone who has a better attitude, some ETH available and an appetite for a sensible risk-reward investment.

Ultimately Kleros and ecosystem always wins - jurors are getting paid

  • more disputes, more votes
  • stress testing crypto-economics

Here is how much you can win

(and have your costs covered)

Arbitration Fee Stake 2.976 ETH

Thank you for the retweet:

Too bad it occurred only after the crowdfunding time!

I am a rational player, I crafted my 280 characters into a quotable soundbite :zap::zap::zap: