Name Ideas For a New DApp

Dear fellow decentralized justice enthusiasts,

We have a new dapp in beta which lets to create disputes easily without developing an arbitrable dapp, at

It’s binary because it lets to create disputes which have binary ruling options.

We are looking for a better name and your feedback is appreciated!

Names we considered so far:

  • (Binary) Dispute Creator
  • (Binary) Dispute Factory
  • (Binary) Dispute Generator

Also, a user from Telegram (sorry, I forgot your name) suggested a fantastic name, but unfortunately, that domain is taken. :unamused:

So please have a test drive of the new dapp and reply to this post with your favorite name.



It was Presence Numerique :slight_smile:


Just don’t buy new domain names:

  • ongoing cost
  • vector attack
  • bad for SEO

Some simple ideas:


Some ideas from the resolution view:

  • Resolution supplier / handler / manager
  • Dispute settler
  • Ruling architect / maker

Or maybe:

  • Dispute handler
  • Case architect / builder / initiator

Maybe those will lead to more ideas.

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Quick ideas:
(Binary) Resolver / Resolve
(Binary) Dispute Maker

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An idea from Chris in the telegram:

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I would like to emphasise it’s binary.

Yes no.

Either or.

Two options only.

I would prefer if binary yes no either or nature was reflected in the name.

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It’s a great name but ‘settle’ usually refers to the concept of amicable settlement between disputants rather than decision making by a neutral third party

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How about replace “settle” with “resolve”?


Abeer - i agrée

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Great shout, unfortunately it seems to be taken. :unamused:

No more new domains.

Do this instead:

  • less vulnerable for phishing
  • stronger brand
  • consistency
  • less management overhead…
  • …less annual renewal fee

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Dear all,

Thanks for inputs! We are delighted to see a brainstorming here. Here is what we picked as candidates:

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Let’s vote and decide this!

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This is because a few options go head-to-head…

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Dispute Resolver

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dispute, resolution center, claims - I kind of think it is like in PayPal, where u make a dispute it’s called the resolution center.

Dispute Deployer
Dispute Delegator
Dispute Consultants