Outdated incentives on T2CR

According to current eth and pnk economic values, the cost of submitting a token removal is much higher than the value of the reward (not considering the gas costs which are also very high), this makes the process of challenging a token a very risky endeavor.
e.g. : at this moment, the cost (without gas) of requesting a token removal is 0.288 eth (469 usd) while the reward is 1000 pnk (63 usd). If we also consider gas, which at current values the transaction would account for another 20/40 usd, this means risking around 500 usd for a potential 63 usd reward.
Its simply not worth it for most of us.
I think the incentives for token curation should be revised so that they take into consideration the risk/reward with the current market prices for both assets so that it continues to make sense economically, else the purpose of the crowd curation gets defeated.

That is not a cost, that’s a deposit that people get back. But the gas price is definitely an issue.
We’re working on a Kleros on xDAI and optimism.

Yes, it is returned indeed, IF won. My whole point was that in order to remove a token you are risking the deposit + gas for a very small reward. Effectively discouraging the curating incentive.
You risk around 500 usd for a 63 usd reward, it’s not worth it.