Potential Parameter Update Discussion: Curation Court (xDAI) September 2023

Should the minStake be increased from 1,600 Staking PNK?


The current Minimum Stake for the Curation Court on xDAI is set at 1,600 stPNK, with each vote requiring a stake of 800 stPNK. This differs from the Mainnet Curation Court, which mandates a Minimum Stake of 4,600 PNK and a stake of 2,300 PNK per vote.


I invite you to share your thoughts on whether or not the minStake for the Curation Court on xDAI should be increased. If there is a positive response then we can create a follow-up proposal.

From my point of view, the fact that the vote stake on Gnosis Chain differs from that of the equivalent court on Mainnet isn’t in itself a problem. The jurors fees on Mainnet are higher - .025 ETH instead of 6.4 xDAI on average per vote - which has the consequence that the stakes also wind up being higher. The higher juror fees were largely to attempt to compensate for high gas prices on Mainnet, and in fact the gas was such a problem on Mainnet that people more or less stop using this court for these types of small-scale disputes. The last Mainnet dispute in the Curation court was in September of 2021 and I didn’t bother to include updates to its parameters in subsequent parameter updates that I proposed such as this: KIP-57 Parameter Updates (November 2022)

That said, looking over the recent statistics of this court, it might make sense to increase the minStake. In the disputes in the past year, it looks like 21 of the “add to curated list or not” type disputes resolved to reject a submission from a list and 6 resolved to accept. This sort of statistic is important in determining the resistance of the court to “lazy voting strategies”. (See my thoughts on this in this article: Parameterization for Kleros courts The basic idea is that if the rate at which the court resolves to a predictable outcome is too high, one needs to increase the stake so that just always voting for that result doesn’t become profitable.) Taking the updated value of that statistic and the current price of PNK, this calculator suggests a minStake of 3200 stPNK, so a stake of 1600 PNK per vote.

I have made a proposal post which can be found here: https://forum.kleros.io/t/kip-65-parameter-update-curation-court-xdai/

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