KIP-65 Parameter Update: Curation Court (xDAI)

I propose to update a parameter in the following xDAI court:

Curation Court

Proposed minStake : 3200 sPNK

This implies that each vote would require a stake of 1600 PNK.


If a court’s decisions become too predictable, the stake should be increased. This discourages profit-making from always voting for the expected result. As per William’s forum post, as of September 18th, there were 21 disputes resolved to reject a submission from a list and 6 resolved to accept in the “add to curated list or not” type disputes. This statistic is crucial in determining the court’s resistance to “lazy voting strategies”.

As per William’s post, “Taking the updated value of that statistic and the current price of PNK, this calculator suggests a minStake of 3200 stPNK, so a stake of 1600 PNK per vote.”


Spelling fix: ‘sPNK’ should be understood to mean ‘stPNK’.

:woman_judge: Please vote on Snapshot.