Proposal: $PNK liquidity mining on Uniswap V3 with xToken Terminal

Liquidity mining (LM) is a battle-tested way for DeFi projects to attract a wider audience (by decentralizing distribution of holders/contributors) and improve the on-chain trading experience (by increasing liquidity, thus lowering slippage for buyers and sellers).

There is no better place for LM than the latest protocol of the premier DEX, Uniswap V3. V3 comes with a number of step-function improvements, including concentrated liquidity, additional fee tiers, and improved security and discoverability.

But deploying LM on V3 requires approximately 2-3 weeks of development time - time that could be spent on the product. How do we solve for this? xToken Terminal.

Terminal is a permissionless, no-code platform that allows projects to configure and deploy V3 LM programs in a few easy clicks - with a rich UI, a configurable contract architecture, and powerful features like rewards vesting and multi-token incentives. Terminal is great for LPs as well, allowing easy access to pools, frictionless liquidity deployment and a clean, end-to-end experience.