Proposal Symbol A

This is a policy proposal for the “Blockchain->Non Technical” court.


“The token symbol should be a transparent PNG. It should be centered and take most of the space available in the image. It should not include the project or token name unless the symbol always includes it. It should be of a definition high enough such it should not appear pixelated or blurry unless those are on-purpose features of the symbol. The logo should be fully included.”


  • In order to be displayable on non white background, the logo should be transparent.
  • It should take most of the space available to avoid tokens being displayed too small.
  • It should be centered to avoid tokens being misaligned.
  • It should generally not include the project or token name to avoid cluttering the symbol and to make it match common practices.
  • The image should be high quality to have good visual display.
  • The logo should be fully included, to avoid partial logo or bad image quality.

I propose to add this to the vote:

“Logo should have a minimum resolution of 200x200 and be in PNG format”

This will make it more clear what we understand by “high quality”.

More pixels ≠ higher quality though. I think this will add more constraints and doesn’t add more value.

I think it is not a hard rule to comply with, and it will clarify what is expected from jurors. When asking to upload a logo or profile picture, many platforms have px requirements (eg., Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

I’d argue that websites like Facebook and Twitter don’t specify px to guarantee high quality, but rather guarantee that the image can be processed to different sizes etc. Since the t2cr is also meant for these purposes pixel requirement might make sense. With the same rationale though I’d argue that we also should impose a filesize limit to ensure that websites don’t crash due to heavy load times on images. What do you think?

I think adding the image size limit could also be a good idea to speed up loading times. What should be the size limit?

I’m not a web developer so I’m not sure what is standard. I’d say maybe max. 1mb? The currently heaviest image in terms of filesize is SOLVE with 649kb

It makes no sens to limit the size to much. The higher the resolution the better. Its quite normal to resize icon if you use it on a webpage, the better the quality and size of the original image the better the result if you resize it.

From a quality standpoint SVG would be best. SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics ( This because you can use the same image for every screen and they are quite small. For height resolution screens with hight pixel density the result is a crystal clear image. BUT not every logo will be available in SVG.

I think you make a fair point, but to be honest I would still be in favor of a filesize limit. Right now if I uploaded a logo that is 1gb in size (which I now is quite an unrealistic scenario) it would still be a valid submission. I suspect that would break at least some integration with the TCR. What limit do you suggest, since you seems to be more knowledgeable in the field than I am?

What happens if we consider that the transparent part is part of the logo?
Do we need to remove it or keep it for the submission?

If we consider the transparent as irrelevant

There is some tool to automatically crop the image like Gimp > Autocrop Image.
If the width of the logo is different than the height the highest size should be the side of the image.

According to this case (jurisprudence) the transparent part can be part of the logo.

Yes, images should have a file and resolution size. There are diminishing returns with larger logos that bring no real quality benefit beyond a certain size. For me, 1MB + 1200x1200 seem like perfectly reasonable sizes for logos.

SVG’s are useful as you say but harder to work with for the end user. Transparent PNG seems the most common and simple file type with out having to DL Gimp or use Photoshop (or similar

) to edit. MsPaint and MacOs Preview are both quite adept for those files but don’t handle SVG natively.