Proposals for naming the Generalized Token Curated Registry

Dear friends,

With each passing day, we are drawing closer to a crucial moment in our development, the launch of the Generalized Token Curated Registry (or GTCR, to learn more, read this).

This powerful tool will enable us to create and curate lists in a decentralized fashion, opening up a world of possibilities to accrue and organize human knowledge. Before we launch the platform, we will need to name it appropriately and we would love to hear your feedback on this!

Our ideas are:

  • Kleros Curate
  • Kleros Curator

What do you think?

Give the dapp a spin, drop a line below, let us know if you have any ideas!


Kleros Governor and Kleros Curator sound like a wonderful couple

:fist: Always fighting for cryptolove :rainbow:

I like very much “Kleros Curator”, simple and clear.

I will though throw in some ideas, just for the brainstorming thingy:

  • Kleros Curate.It
  • Kleros Curate.Anything
  • Kleros DIY Curator
  • Kleros CURE (CUrated REgistries)

I also like Kleros Curator :slightly_smiling_face:

Some I can think of:

  • Every.list
  • Kleros Universal Registry

Kleros Curator , I like!