Proposed New Court: Curation (Easy)

I am suggesting the addition of a court that would be appropriate for general, low-skilled microtasks, particular in curation or content moderation. Particularly, something with fees similar to the that of the Onboarding court seems appropriate; however in the Onboarding court the “Jurors for jump” parameter is fairly large (because one mostly wants the experimental test disputes in the Onboarding court to stay in their sandbox/not get appealed into the General court very often) whereas here one would want it to be more viable to appeal problematic cases to the General court.

I put “(Easy)” in the suggested name because I imagine that at some point there could be an integration that had content moderation/curation type disputes that are on average harder. Then one might want to have a distinct “Curation (Hard)” court with higher fees that would be more appropriate for those disputes. However, feel free to suggest more eloquent names.

See the parameters below that I am proposing for this court.


Name: Curation (Easy)

Parent court: General

Fee per juror: .01 ETH

Jurors for jump: 30

Minimum Stake: 1600 PNK

Alpha: .5


Court purpose: In this court, jurors will solve micro-tasks related to curation or content moderation, such as for social media, when requirements for inclusion are relatively straightforward. Higher effort cases, requiring application of more nuanced rules should be placed in other courts but might arrive in this court upon appeal.


Damn, I missed that post…

Great proposal. :+1:

So, if I am not mistaking, main goal would be to achieve quick curation on light matters:
We may want shorter dispute resolution cycles for this.

What would those periods’ duration be?
Maybe a little shorter than those used in the Onboarding court?

As for the name suggestion, “Easy” seems appropriate but we could also use “Light & Quick” or just “Light”.

Thanks; for the most part I envisaged “cheap” curation of light matters, so for the moment, because the periods aren’t specified in the proposal, if it is accepted it will just inherit the periods from its parent court (the General court). Eventually, we can consider another proposal that would bring the period times down if that seems necessary/useful.