Simple oracle design - simple YES / NO answer - unlocking feature in a smart contract

TLDR: Need some help with smart contract implementation.

I would like to use Kleros to help me decide: was the island purchased?

This will be the “BING BANG” moment when rewards will be unlocked.

Proposed API design

Ideally I’m seeking a simple API call to the ULTIMATE ORACLE tellMeTruthYesOrNo("question", IPFS_hash_evidence) returns(ID_of_the_question) abstracting all the details.

Under the hood it will use Kleros with the well known incentives, jurors, etc…

Probably another call will be required checkTheResult(ID_of_the_question) returns(bool) this is simply because the jurors will have verify the evidence and account for potential appeals.

What actually are you trying to do? (some background)

DeFi summer, yield farming, bull run… I was working on the BaseX island April-August 2020 but because progress with fundraising was slow I got myself into employment in London. Some money coming in during uncertain economic times is always good :innocent:

In order to buy the island, it will require $1m (and more to develop the infrastructure)

Smart contract design

Buy tokens, stake tokens, earn rewards.

BUT rewards are unlocked only after a successful fundraiser.

I would like to use Kleros to help me decide: was the island purchased?

Evidence standard is not easy to work with…

This seems much easier:

  • tellMeTruthYesOrNo("question", IPFS_hash_evidence) returns(ID_of_the_question)
  • checkTheResult(ID_of_the_question) returns(bool)

Thank you for helping!

reality.eth is good

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    function closeAndBuyTheIslandOrTheCollege() public onlyOwner {

Cannot find that exact tweet but there was a Telegram group organising purchase of the college to serve Ethereum community…